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As we close out the the first month of 2019, I'm going to share the New Year's Resolutions I wrote for myself to kick off the year. But before I do, a few words on the word "resolution."

Google's dictionary app defines "resolution" as: " a firm decision to do or not to do something." Sounds as good as any other, so I'll take it. Most businesspeople reflect on the previous calendar year and think about how they can improve over the next year. But I was never a fan of New Year's Resolutions, mainly because I never looked back at them, never paid much attention to them, and, worst of all, never stuck to them.

This year, I created a new strategy that I'm confident will work. No, I didn't steal a friend's resolution to drink more beer. His may generate more laughs and be easier to hit but I wanted something to propel me to be more productive. Beer only sometimes helps that endeavor. One of my 7 Resolutions (number 3) is to post at least 2 Blog posts per month. If you're reading this, you're on the other end of my resolution. Thank you, and feel free to comment.

But that's getting ahead of myself. Before I share my "Seven Samurai" (or if you prefer Westerns over Kurosawa flicks, my "Magnificent Seven") resolutions, I'll give you the main tactic, the key word that helps make them "work": Calendar. As you'll see below, "Calendar" is directly related to Resolution 1. I have written my resolutions a few times in a notebook, which I had done in the past, but this year, I am using a calendar to record how I'm doing. In fact, I'm using two calendars. Let me explain as I go quickly through the Seven Samurai.

Resolution 1: Calendar. For the full 2019, I'm using Simpleology's "Little Calendar That Brainwashes You." I ordered 2018's midway through last year and loved the effect, so I'm using this year's from January. It's really easy to use. Following their guidance, upon waking up, I SMILE, then think of 1) three things I'm grateful for, 2) three things I'm looking forward to, and 3) three things that, by doing them today, will make my life even better. Then I put a "check" on the day to record my quick reflections. I also write down the number of drinks I had the previous day (see Resolution 2 below).

Resolution 2: CH3COOH. Limit alcohol to 10 drinks per week.

Resolution 3: Publish at least 2 Blog posts per month.

Resolution 4: Practice TM twice per day (20 min AM, 20 min PM)

Resolution 5: Practice Qigong once per day (recite 10 Mind-focus Affirmations and experience one of them)

Resolution 6: Weigh 75 kg on Dec 1, 2019

Resolution 7: Social media/Screen daily black out 22:15 - 7:00.

(The iPhone has a setting for "down time" that I now use.)

I use a second calendar (because Simpleology's is so small) to record progress or results of the other 6 Resolutions. Next year, if this works (and I have high confidence it will), I'll most likely stick to just one calendar (no need for Simplelogy's); after all, once you know the routine it's just a matter of putting a check mark on a calendar.

That's it. Seven Resolutions that I actually remember as of the end of the first month and I'm making progress. Never too late to start!

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