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Unlock Your Potential as a Global Leader
with Global Readiness® Leadership Clinics

What is "Global Readiness®"?

From our clinics you'll receive:

Live interactive sessions based on the

Get a G.R.I.P. (Global Readiness® Improvement Plan) Series

​Planned Topics (subject to change based on participant needs)


・When booking your clinic, you will have the option to pay online through PayPal or pay "in person." The "in person" will be an invoice sent by email.

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The Get a G.R.I.P. Series

The Get a G.R.I.P. series guides readers to create better "Global Readiness Improvement Plans," based on the programs created by AMT Group for their clients. Read and apply the concepts in these books for greater Global Readiness!

See the whole series on Amazon Japan / U.S.

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Designed to keep your cutting edge sharp, out free newsletter will empower you and your people with the attributes, attitudes, and abilities needed to thrive in the global market. 

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Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo, Japan

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San Diego, USA

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